Lady Finale

Lady Finale is a cherished resident of the Sanctuary, who found her home here in 2007. At around 28 years old, she brings with her a wealth of wisdom and a heart full of love.


Miss Genevieve, a cherished resident of the Sanctuary, embarked on a new chapter in her life in 2019 when she arrived alongside her companion, Izzadore. With a life history that spans around 17 years, Genevieve exudes a unique charm that warms the hearts of all who encounter her.


Callai arrived at the Sanctuary in 2019, accompanied by her best friend, Banskia. At around 20 years old, Callai brings a wealth of experience and a heart brimming with love to the Sanctuary.


Meet Banksia, a cherished member of the Sanctuary who, like her best friend Callai, arrived in 2019. At approximately 18 years old, Banksia brings her own unique charm and character to the Sanctuary. Banksia’s story is closely intertwined with Callai’s, as they are inseparable best friends who journey through life together.


Meet Izzadore, affectionately known as Izzy, who came to the Sanctuary in 2019 alongside his companion Genevieve. With around 15 years behind him, Izzy’s diminutive size sets him apart as a tiny mini donkey, charming all who cross his path.


Little May-May came into the world at the Sanctuary on 12 August, 2019. Her journey began with a unique twist, as she was unfortunately rejected by her mother even before fully emerging from the amniotic sac.

Little Baz

Little Baz was born at the Sanctuary on 29 May, 2019. Little Baz is named after one of our important humans at the Sanctuary, Barry.

Horse Float

Our current horse float has served us well over the past 20 years, but it’s showing signs of age. Rust has taken its toll, and each time we use it, we find ourselves needing to make more repairs. Our unforgiving roads only make things worse. To ensure the safety and comfort of our donkeys, a […]

Plastic Buckets & Pales

Plastic buckets and pails are an essential item that is used on a daily basis. Whether it’s holding medications, ointments, or other first aid items, these versatile containers help us provide prompt and effective care to our donkeys when needed. Additionally, they are indispensable for mixing and distributing the nutritious feed that keeps our donkeys […]

Essential Oils

We rely on essential oils for various purposes. One of the primary uses of essential oils is as fly repellents. We use a range of oils, including Lavender, Citronella, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lemon Balm, Peppermint, Spearmint, Rosemary, Pine Needles, Oregano, and many more. These oils help create a natural barrier against flies, ensuring our donkeys […]

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