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Came to the Sanctuary in


Years Old

About Genevieve

Miss Genevieve, a cherished resident of the Sanctuary, embarked on a new chapter in her life in 2019 when she arrived alongside her companion, Izzadore. With a life history that spans around 17 years, Genevieve exudes a unique charm that warms the hearts of all who encounter her.

Beneath her calm exterior lies a wellspring of love and affection.

Genevieve’s loving nature radiates through her interactions, capturing the hearts of both fellow residents and caregivers alike. One of her most endearing quirks is her adoration for butt scratches – a simple pleasure that brings her undeniable joy. It’s a heart-warming sight to behold when Genevieve playfully backs herself up to facilitate the much appreciated scratches, showcasing her trust and comfort in her surroundings.

In her approach to new faces, Genevieve displays a blend of caution and curiosity.

An innate sense of self-preservation leads her to be initially wary of strangers, an instinctual response developed over her years. However, as time unfolds and trust is nurtured, Genevieve’s cautious demeanour evolves into something truly special. Once she gets to know someone, her affectionate side shines through, revealing a donkey with a heart as big as her presence.

Support Genevieve

Genevieve needs approximately $1,250 of sponsorship per year.

By becoming a sponsor, you provide vital support and care that directly contributes to Genevieve’s care, medical needs, nourishment, and overall well-being.

Your commitment goes beyond financial assistance; it symbolises a bond of compassion that uplifts spirits and offers second changes.

Thank you for looking after Genevieve!

We are, of course, extremely grateful for any amount you can help us with.

For higher sponsorship amounts, we offer the following “thank you” gifts:

$500 or over: A print-quality personalised certificate (emailed to you).

$50 or over: An on-screen quality personalised certificate (emailed to you).

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