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More divergent than the same: all too often it is not realised that donkeys and mules need significantly different care from that of ponies and horses.

Please enjoy learning about these wondrous creatures while drawing on our expertise in raising and rehabilitating them.

Donkeys originated in semi-arid habitat with bushland and grassland, evolving to survive on little food and remaining in particular areas.

  • Their digestive system derives considerably more from feed than a horse can.
  • Donkeys leave dung in tidy piles so as to help keep their habitat free of internal parasites.
  • Donkeys that graze with horses need to be wormed frequently as they have less resistance against internal worms.
  • It takes up to two years without equines present for pastures to be ‘clean’.

Donkeys do not run from predators, instead they are likely to attack the threat.

Under such pressure they typically do not respond to commands, which is erroneously interpreted as stubbornness.

Unlike horses, donkeys usually group up in defence of their territory. A group has no dominant member. Instead, everyone in the herd, regardless of age, is responsible for the others.

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