Came to the Sanctuary in


Years Old

About Banksia

Meet Banksia, a cherished member of the Sanctuary who, like her best friend Callai, arrived in 2019. At approximately 18 years old, Banksia brings her own unique charm and character to the Sanctuary. Banksia’s story is closely intertwined with Callai’s, as they are inseparable best friends who journey through life together.

Banksia possesses a loving nature that warms the hearts of those who have the privilege of knowing her.

Banksia can be a bit shy when first meeting new faces, a cautious instinct developed over her years. However, once she gets to know you, Banskia’s true colours shine through. Once the barriers of shyness are broken, she reveals herself to be a sweet, loving, and affectionate lady.

Banksia's friendship with Callai is a beautiful testament to the power of companionship.

Their bond, forged over time and shared experiences, is a source of comfort and joy for both. Their connection exemplifies the deep and meaningful relationships that develop between these beautiful animals.

Support Banksia

Banksia needs approximately $1,250 of sponsorship per year.

By becoming a sponsor, you provide vital support and care that directly contributes to Banksia’s care, medical needs, nourishment, and overall well-being.

Your commitment goes beyond financial assistance; it symbolises a bond of compassion that uplifts spirits and offers second changes.

Thank you for looking after Banksia!

We are, of course, extremely grateful for any amount you can help us with.

For higher sponsorship amounts, we offer the following “thank you” gifts:

$500 or over: A print-quality personalised certificate (emailed to you).

$50 or over: An on-screen quality personalised certificate (emailed to you).

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