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Little Baz

Little Baz


Born at the Sanctuary in


Years Old

About Little Baz

Little Baz was born at the Sanctuary on 29 May, 2019. Little Baz is named after one of our important humans at the Sanctuary, Barry.

Little Baz and May-May are best buddies, and together they explore the world around them with curiosity and an edge of cheekiness.

Gypsie, Little Baz’s mother, is the nurturing figure who watched over Little Baz in his early days. From her, he learned the gentle and caring qualities that make him a true gentleman. He also has a cheeky side, reminiscent of a mischievous child.

This playful nature adds a delightful touch to his character.

Despite his moments of mischief, Little Baz is renowned for his kindness, love, and affection. He is quick to shower those around him with warmth and tenderness, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of all who have the privilege of knowing him. In his presence, one can’t help but feel the uplifting power of love and the joy that comes from embracing life’s simple pleasures.

Support Little Baz

Little Baz needs approximately $1,250 of sponsorship per year.

By becoming a sponsor, you provide vital support and care that directly contributes to Little Baz’s care, medical needs, nourishment, and overall well-being.

Your commitment goes beyond financial assistance; it symbolises a bond of compassion that uplifts spirits and offers second changes.

Thank you for looking after Little Baz!

We are, of course, extremely grateful for any amount you can help us with.

For higher sponsorship amounts, we offer the following “thank you” gifts:

$500 or over: A print-quality personalised certificate (emailed to you).

$50 or over: An on-screen quality personalised certificate (emailed to you).

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