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Fly Repellent

Fly Repellent

One essential item we consistently invest in, particularly during the warmer months, is Fly Repellent.

Flies can not only cause discomfort but also transmit diseases, making the use of Fly Repellent a crucial part of our daily routine.

By investing in this simple yet effective solution, we can ensure our donkeys can go about their day without the constant nuisance of flies buzzing around them.

With numerous brands readily available at pet shops and grocery stores, this practical solution provides much-needed relief from the incessant annoyance of flies and their painful bites.

Applying this repellent on our donkeys on a daily basis ensures they can enjoy a fly-free environment, allowing them to graze and roam without constant irritation.

Join us in our mission to provide a safe and peaceful haven for these gentle creatures by supporting our efforts to keep them fly-free with the regular use of Fly Repellent.

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