Donkey delight movies

Please use this link to see the first of our new series of daily donkey life at the Sanctuary.

Hard to find, the daily hunt

Unfortunately, as the drought continues fodder gets as scarce as it does expensive.
It will only take about 10 days for our ICU donkeys to chomp two of these large bales.

Little visitors, desperate times

As the drought bites even deeper little wallabies have become an increasing sight
(you’ll have to look hard but, sadly, we don’t).

Going, going…

Sadly, the Sanctuary is now without drinkable on-property water. We are trucking in the expensive (life-preserving) liquid—about every two days.

There’s smoke but, so far, no fire

Whilst we are by no means in the clear, the donkeys are currently not threatened by the horrific fires. Many thanks to all those who have asked after their wellbeing.

Visiting us

We get many (treasured) enquiries as to visiting the Sanctuary. Unfortunately, due to the time needed to look after visitors (to a working farm) we can’t currently cater for other than bus or special interest groups. Please see our Sponsorship page

Drought bites deeper

Worringly, feed is harder to find and more expensive to buy. Unable to get it delivered, we drive about 100kms every two days.

Just in time

Leaving the Sanctuary gates last year, we were lucky to pull up and guide this little Australian safely off the road.